Nobel Peace Prize CIVILIZATION CARE ③ The 15 year normalization of the taxi industry and the future of young people.

Society has a bright side and a dark side that does not catch the sun. people in the shadow have been suffering from poverty, discrimination, terrorism, civil war, and other social unrest. This recommendation states how to release people on the dark side of Japan, leading to a bright place for the purpose of securing living standards, solving social unrest and bringing peace.


I have walked within the Yamanote line for 15 years. I also around Otemachi for two and a half years, and bars in Ginza for two and a half years. It was ambushed by 7 ~ 8 taxis and it was set behind. It was in front of the tax university. I noticed it, I showed all the Tokyo radio taxis to the enemies and they want to invite mental weakness. I had no consciousness of discrimination against Koreans in Japan, so I did not have anything. I thought that they would be discriminated against because they are doing this. At the same time, I thought that we must stop this to eliminate discrimination. Even if discrimination disappears if this stops. I also wore yellow at Shinagawa and Senju sales offices in Nippon Express and Senju, Asakusa branch of KM traffic on4 or 5 times. Murder of a real estate agent Tadao Mitsui was punished and was not worried. The taxi industry is normalizing. Everyone who is aligning in heart with Japan transportation, KM, Tokyo radio etc will be pleased. Because discrimination is gone. This time Japan has to take the first step. We are bringing up wisdom for the taxi industry. Cooperate with the police and continue to patrol while wearing the yellow clothes of the hazard lamp. Furthermore, seek refusal by the shipping company, taxi company, forgive, stand on it and eradicate discrimination by the heart of mercy.


Think about the work of young people. How about making food related industries._ I see young people working in a coffee shops and restaurants. Some people will become executives. How about a food company dealing with food supermarkets like Seijo Ishii and vegetable mail-order shops such as Oishix, and restaurants, cafe’s management linked from production to sales and consumption? . You are developing a company that treats food holistically. Start a business! I guess intuition will work? There are also colleagues like Lotte that gather wisdom of the scattered fellows. You will be able to gather power. Keep your goals high, eat delicious food and aquire tastes.Let’s have a career!


Lotte will open a company for young people and utilize internships to develop careers for young people! Fellow countrymen!