Nobel Peace Prize recommendation 「CIVILIZATION CARE 」 Korekiyo Sugiyama . Japan Investigation Center for Cultured and Peaceful Nation.


Society has a bright side and a dark side that does not catch the sun. people in the shadow have been suffering from poverty, discrimination, terrorism, civil war, and other social unrest. This recommendation states how to release people on the dark side of Japan, leading to a bright place for the purpose of securing living standards, solving social unrest and bringing peace.



⑴ Mountain villages Promotion


⑵ North Korea Problem

Don`t forget heart of mercy on negotiation.Every country,USA, China,Korea and North Korea!,


⑶ Korean problem in Japan, trial and attempted murder


⑷ The 15 years normalization of the taxi industry and the future of young people.


⑸ The darkside of bars in Ginza


⑹ The 45 year Crimes of Sagawa Express wireing puller scandal is The Nikkei and Seibu and Ohkubo


⑺ Promotion of Ainu People





⑴ Mountain villages Promotion


Mountain villages are poor and shaded places. However, 70% of the Japan land is mountainous area. This effective use will affect the fate of Japan. Takayama city, Gifu prefecture ,Takane town Hiwada district is a isolated mountain village, and the population is a marginal settlement with fewer than 200 people. Aside from traditional industries of ancient production of bracken root starch, not only the traditional culture but also the community are declining.


This project is a valuable source of cash income and focuses on the revival of bracken root starch and ,bracken root rope which were important folklaces, pursuing one form of mountain utilization called pastureland, and the value of culture developed there .By creating a new value of mountain village that produces genuine things the city desires for the purpose of improving the income of town residents and solving the problem of culture in mountain villages by combining both high value sources of production with the value of production, It aims to break down the vulnerability of genuine lack of the city and to formulate policies for effective use of mountainous areas.


Like the mountain villages throughout Japan, the Hiwada district is a marginal settlement due to population reduction and aging. In the industry, the land is narrow and it is difficult to grow rice at an altitude around 1,300 m. Therefore, the source of income is limited, and in upland cropping it is producing small cereals such as Hida Spinach and Takane Road Corn high cold vegetables and mushrooms and firebird soba. Among them, in the Hiwada district, the production of bracken root starch suggesting the origin of agriculture in Japan, which had been deployed in the pasture since 1000 years, has been succeeded in detail. Bracken root starch has been dealt with expensive in the Showa era, but now it is gone which we are trying to revive. It is an endeavor to make bracken root starch production into the main industry together with highlands vegetable cultivation. Generally, the production of real bracken root starch disappears,  bracken root starch is not used, the fake things widely cease, and the food culture using bracken root starch is lost. Under such circumstances, some high-class restaurants and Japanese-style confectionary stores are offering dishes using authentic bracken root starch and restoring food culture. Although real bracken root starch as a food material is required, there are very few producers that can offer. Hida ‘s Warabi aims at real production, restoring the culture (technique, process, breeding method) of the production of traditional genuine bracken root starch, aiming for stable supply.Bracken root rope , which have been used as bamboo fence at Nijo castle and Shigakuin 、Imperial Palace for a long time, have been produced in mountain villages nationwide, but it is difficult to restore cultural properties. We have to increase the supply of bracken root rope ,. Bracken root rope technique is the last trading place in Japan by Hiwada. It will be profitable by succeeding this and promoting use. It is also used for bracken root starch glue and used for restoring old Japanese paintings of national treasure. It will lead to the protection of cultural property which is the treasure of the country, become the pride of the village people, lead to the effective use of mountain village and to promote the promotion of mountain villages nationwide.


The devastation of the mountain village is a crisis of civilization. The rise and fall of civilization depends on balance with mountain use. The resurrection is to widely disseminate the real value generated from the quest for culture, as seen in the bracken root starch, and to create socialization and new value of academics. In the connection between mountain village and the city, breaking down vulnerability due to lack of real value, creating new value of mountain village of genuine production by exploring the culture makes the mutual dependence of the two closer, In the process of becoming weak, urban civilization and mountain village, it is a measure to make both and the city simultaneously. The pursuit of real value is a serious task of mountain village and the city. In this way the mountain village will be abandoned and the city will decline. Pursuit of cultural diversity by academic study creates new value of mountain village, standing from the viewpoint of supporting city and raising civilization and solving civilization challenges.


縄文農耕と火焔型土器   ーわらび利用文化解明によって「山村」の価値を高めるー


新説1 火焔型土器は「火」と「わらび」の造形


福島県立博物館所蔵の火炎土器の胴部には逆U字状隆線文に密生した写実的なワラビ芽の造形がみられる。隆線文はわらびの芽ではないだろうか。口縁の 鶏冠状把手、 鋸歯状突起は炎を表現しているものであろう。頸部と胴部上半部にはS字状隆線文および渦巻状隆線文は、ほむら上部の空気の乱れや撹乱、陽炎のような現象を表しているのだろう。 新保・新崎式土器は半載竹管による半隆起線文によって描かれた文様を特徴としている。大木7b式土器は、頸部がくびれ、口縁部が外反する器形であり、口縁部には四つの把手が付き、波状口縁となる。 火炎土器は、胴部には半隆起線文を密に施すという技術は新保・新崎式土器や、器形と四つの把手を基準とした四単位の文様構成は大木式b式土器から影響を受けたと考えられる。


縄文人は、 火入れによるワラビの群生する初期生長の発芽を見てその急激性ゆえ、火入れとのわらびの発芽の因果関係による火への神秘性とワラビの生命力に畏敬の念を抱かせ、火による誕生と再生を実感させ、生活維持のための山菜や澱粉に使われるに及んで生命を支えているという畏敬の念をいだかせ、これが火炎土器の造形を生み出し、縄文人の生命観を表しているのだろう。



新説2 わらび根堀りが日本の「農業の起源」




『民具マンスリー』48(2) 2015 日本常民文化研究所 「わらびの地下茎採取活動からみた縄文中期農耕社会」.杉山是清




⑵ North Korea Problem

Don`t forget heart of mercy on negotiation.Every country,USA, China,Korea and North Korea!, God job!



Dear John, Xí Jìnpíng and Putin. Sanction is at first !


Settlement and sanction are alternately in this case that is the best idea.

Both are important.

Which is at first ?

Mediator is me.



Mr.Kim jong- un! Japan’s Annexation of Korea


I don’t betray you.

But I must appologize to you.

I’m sorry I didn’ know the day August 28th was Japan’s Annexation of Korea. Japanese people haven’t been taught Japan’s Annexation of Korea exactly.

I’ve solved some problems of Korean people in Japan for 13years 25years before.

Someone were taxi drivers who had done bad things. But now they’re justice.

I have some young Korean friends. They’re nice guys.

I have to solve some problems with Japan in Korean Peninsula ,women working in military brothels ,recruitment engineering,missiles and abandoning its nuclear program.

Korean People and Japanesepeople are friends.

We are needed mutual understanding not goverment Mr.Kim jong- un!

Could you understand?



Think about the work of young people. How about making food related industries._ I see young people working in a coffee shops and restaurants. Some people will become executives. How about a food company dealing with food supermarkets like Seijo Ishii and vegetable mail-order shops such as Oishix, and restaurants, cafe’s management linked from production to sales and consumption? . You are developing a company that treats food holistically. Start a business! I guess intuition will work? There are also colleagues like Lotte that gather wisdom of the scattered fellows. You will be able to gather power. Keep your goals high, eat delicious food and aquire tastes.Let’s have a career!



Mr.Kim jong- un! and John Trump! Could you choose one nation for a judge for settlement?

Could you choose one nation for

a judge for settlement, Swedn or Norway or UN or another nations ?


Mr John and Mr Kim!   Would you like join the first settlement

between North Korea and USA

with mercy?

Is it OK that China is judge?

USA! what do you think of them?

And propose a mercy plan of both nations immedetly!



John!     Could you propose new mercy idea to North Korea!!!!!!



Mr. Kim Jong-un!Please!Please! Belive our mercy?   Stop,stop,please!!!



Dear Mr. Kim Jong-un!キム・インリョン国連次席大使


What security(担保) do you want from the US and a world for world peace abandoning its nuclear program?



Mr. Kim Jong-un!Could you release abductees with mercy ? A world will probably belive you and your nation.



Dear John Trump!Show some mercy please!!!




John! Don’t rush to North Korea!

John! 中国アジアに負けるぞ!Go for it , which means mercy!!



Dear Mr. John Trump about Team Spirit


Can you reduce Team Spirit ,that is one of the plans with mercy , not power bewaring .

It’s chance to peace!

Let’s challege!

What do you think of it ?



Mr. Kim Jong-un!What do you want to do next ,death ,war or settlement?



Mr. Kim Jong-un!What do you want to do next ,death ,war or settlement? Japan worry about North Korea and Korean people in Japan with mercy. Don’t kill people by missiles!!!



Mr. Kim Jong-un!What should you do next without ambition with mercy!!!?

Good job!   I greatly appreciate US,China,Russia,UK and another class mates of the world in UNSC.



Mr. Kim Jong-un!What should you do next,without ambition with mercy!!!!!?


The world knows you have never killed people yet by missile.You know the world has mercy,don’t you?


Go ! with the world! Talk to China the reason why is with mercy, please!





⑶ Korean problem in Japan, trial and attempted murder



I suffered a lot during the bubble period and got harassed. Taking this as a turn, looking for the identity of harassment, society’s darkness appeared. We aim to eliminate discrimination that is the cause. In order to create a gentle society that can be trusted beyond the ethnic, historical, etc.which is the cause of the darkness of our society, it is recognized that bad is bad, the parties become social, and each other is recognized and mutual Discrimination disappears by understanding the standpoint


The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) and The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.have repeated fraud in the last 30 years. In the bubble period, They gave extra lending to ground-up companies,this became the source of soaring land prices, took away the dream of the common people’s home. They planned the runaway of financial capital to aim at the financial nation and misjudged the course of Japan. Our families were made to suffer from Mizuho Bank,The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) at the time. At that time, Kyobashi was regarded as the birthplace of the bubble, and Tadao Mitsui (born in Jeju Island, arrested and detained) led to relentless act by real estate agent Sansei. My father was hit while sleeping and a glass window was broken, his head was aimed and targeted for life. I caught the criminal and arrested aim. The Kojimachi branch of the The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) which had the most loans to this homicide upgrade company. I looked over the land owned by the landloders and went to the Legal Affairs Bureau and examined the mortgage with a friend through a registry certificate and compiled it. The best loan source was The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) Kojimachi Branch.


My friend went to the Kojimachi branch of The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) to protest to closure of the loan, but the branch manager refused the visit. After that, we resolved it after fifteen years were lost in the district court ,We reversal favored on the High Court in a defense of the Sakura Kyodo Law Offices and it took seven years until it ruled on the Supreme Court When we announced the summary list of bank loans to landlords at the press conference of the district court ruling, the stock price crashed the next day. I repaired the bubble. Eiichi Shibuzawa and Keizo Shibusawa paved the way, Japanese capitalism walked steadily.





⑷ The 15 years normalization of the taxi industry and the future of young people.



I have walked within the Yamanote line for 15 years. I also around Otemachi for two and a half years, and bars in Ginza for two and a half years. It was ambushed by 7 ~ 8 taxis and it was set behind. It was in front of the tax university. I noticed it, I showed all the Tokyo radio taxis to the enemies and they want to invite mental weakness. I had no consciousness of discrimination against Koreans in Japan, so I did not have anything. I thought that they would be discriminated against because they are doing this. At the same time, I thought that we must stop this to eliminate discrimination. Even if discrimination disappears if this stops. I also wore yellow at Shinagawa and Senju sales offices in Nippon Express and Senju, Asakusa branch of KM traffic on4 or 5 times. Murder of a real estate agent Tadao Mitsui was punished and was not worried. The taxi industry is normalizing. Everyone who is aligning in heart with Japan transportation, KM, Tokyo radio etc will be pleased. Because discrimination is gone. This time Japan has to take the first step. We are bringing up wisdom for the taxi industry. Cooperate with the police and continue to patrol while wearing the yellow clothes of the hazard lamp. Furthermore, seek refusal by the shipping company, taxi company, forgive, stand on it and eradicate discrimination by the heart of mercy.


Think about the work of young people. How about making food related industries._ I see young people working in a coffee shops and restaurants. Some people will become executives. How about a food company dealing with food supermarkets like Seijo Ishii and vegetable mail-order shops such as Oishix, and restaurants, cafe’s management linked from production to sales and consumption? . You are developing a company that treats food holistically. Start a business! I guess intuition will work? There are also colleagues like Lotte that gather wisdom of the scattered fellows. You will be able to gather power. Keep your goals high, eat delicious food and aquire tastes.Let’s have a career!

Lotte will open a company for young people and utilize internships to develop careers for young people! Fellow countrymen!





⑸ The darkside of bars in Ginza


Enter Nishi-5th Street, first check the black suits in a bar Laotrec at the entrance to Ginza. Follow one-way traffic, walk in a certain direction , get through Konparu Street, and return to the original. From about 10:30 pm to about 2:30 am.I am wearing yellow and walking. It is non-stop. I walked every day for two and a half years except Saturday and Sunday. At 1 o’clock a lot of taxis come in line. White Taxi is also stopped.I show the yellow color to the taxi driver. When I saw a Checkered radio taxi, courage came up. The National Tax Administration Agency caught a Madam of the bar called Queen of Ginza. The network of the darkness of Ginza was interrupted. The light is from Ginza.Bar Lautrec was also closed.


Back up by two guys at 3 am in Ginza

Two and a half years after I walked in Ginza,I was about to get hit by a van with traveling at high speed at a meeting. Two guys who saw that moment, If you were not there, I would havd died like a dog .Thank you! Please have happy marriage. Did you see me in Ginza ? Is she well ? Isn’ he quite sleepy, too? Thanks to you I am doing fine as you know. I trust the police even more. G Men, take care and do your best ! Go ahead and go! ! In addition, let’s meet somewhere. I wonder if Ginza in the future will be good!


I’m glad I did it! !





⑹ The 45 year Crimes of Sagawa Express wireing puller scandal is The Nikkei and Seibu and Ohkubo.



I have been followed on the Sagawa Express for 45 years. It is daily during business hours except Sunday. They parked in the parking in front of our house for 25 years. After that it also stopped in front of my gallery. It is 8 years. Peep into my shop, I cared and the Sagawa Express driver Matsumoto beat me and also kicked ten times. It hit the dolly. It is a crime of injury. On the contrary, I am preparing a damages claim of 4.5 billion yen, a consolation claim lawsuit. Nippon Express and Seino improved. The transportation industry has been normalizing but the remaining coarse garbage is Sagawa Express. They say the NIKKEY and Seibu are wire paid. It is a breach of criminal law violation of the law and conspiracy crime. Prosecute. Sagawa is a group of organized criminals, hired former gangsters and has kept peddling for 45 years. Women have been also aimed at.I guarded a number of times to stop the truck to ambush the return of the lady in front of the apartment in Nakameguro Ginza. In Iidabashi Cambridge English School.English school was threatened and The personal information of students going to was acquired. I can witness the delivery site and identify both the driver and the staff. I am a living witness. TSE will be th  e same sinner as Sagawa Express and will recive resentment from society and police if TSE approve the listing. Is there also a sense of ethics in the TSE ?The Nikkei average will fall. 3 times in Kisofukushima, 1 time in Takayama city Asahi village, 1 time in Echigo Yuzawa, they attached by the track .A private detective rided on the train.


I want to erase Sagawa Express from society. I have been facing Sagawa Express for 45 years. I catch Sagawa ‘s stretch number. I am also under thame. For couple of years, we have scrambled five to six vehicles of Sagawa Express coming after lunch break every day. Walk in the yellow wearing on the roadway. Take the car number of Sagawa Express, remember the face and name, and understand their condition .Fixed point, fixed investigation. Sometimes I was about to be hit by Sagawa Express as I was walking along the roadway. They make me intimidated ‘as “I bounce!”





⑺  Promotion of Ainu People



Minorities have a spirit of rising their own culture and support national strength , I will continue to develop ways to lead independence and coexistence and co-prosperity with the country while leading to economic development.


In addition to respecting religion and languages ​​as well as cultural promotion of primary industries and crafts, the ethnic identity is supported,through spending money on private property, I cultivate cultural excitement of people in ethnic minorities such as the Ainu gallery management,I also look for living and benefits for the Ainu people ‘s profit in the gallery and make a number of proposals. Graduation production brought the policies of the Iol business in Nibutani in Hokkaido and the gallery management received Nibutani crafts to the designation of traditional crafts of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The land of Ainu culture which is a minority ethnic group in Nibutani, which I have been supporting.


If we are Japanese, People must manage Ainu people. Ainu People who have not resorted to severe discrimination and poverty have begun to gradually open their minds. I would like to think about policies that could be created in Japan together to make the Ainu people happy.


Keizo Shibusawa supported Professor Mashiho Chili and completed the classification of the Ainu dictionary. That’s why I would like to build a branch at Musashino Art University in Nibutani,which was Shigeru Kayano’s dream, it is also my idea of ​​graduation production. Mr. Kayano said that Shamo (Japanese) thought about the Ainu.


It’s been 8 years since I opened the Gallery Mozart. It is a gallery opened for Ainu crafts. Although I can not build a university, I opened it to think that it is meaningful for Ainu people to have a place of presenting works in Tokyo. About 30 Ainu people were exhibited. Results are going out. Designated as traditional craftwork of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ainu Art and Craft exhibition was held at The Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art.Young Ainu people are more enthusiastic than ever.Successful inheritance. Ainu modeling will become the core of ethnic groups. Japanese people should also follow the enthusiasm for cultural preservation and utilization. Koji Yuuki held seven exhibitions and the evaluation is getting higher. An exhibition for 2 months were held at the Philia Museum in Kobuchizawa. An Ainu women was also hired at my gallery. The Ainu people should be able to manage the gallery with their own power.


I became to have a deep involvement with the Ainu people since I camped in Nibutani for a month to draw actual measurement charts of folk implements to help Mr. Kayano ‘s 『Ainu tools』 I drew them from 8 in the morning until midnight. I belonged to the archeology workshop so I became interested in hunter gatherer culture. Since I was a student of the Department of Architecture, I made a drawing of Nibutani’s future of graduation production. I thought about Nibutani for 6 months. The title is “Kotan and Ior”. I thought of art university and museums, houses, roads and land use in Nibutani, I made a drawing. And as they were a hunter gatherer, I also thought about a plan to use mountains of Ainu people called “ior”. Due to the shaping advantage of Ainu people, art university are set as the center of village development, making villages with crafts, agriculture and forestry for living. I selected art and agriculture and forestry as a way to adapt from hunter gathering to modern times. “Ior” is currently implemented as an “ior”business, young people are able to remain in the village. The people of Nibutani were pleased. The relationship got deeper.


However, after I tried to judge to the Supreme Court by land speculation.Nibutani fought up by raising up at the Nibutani Dam Construction. I can understand the feelings of those in Nibutani very well. I can understand each person. I’d like you to see the Nibutani Dam and the Ainu language school .


In my hometown, Tokyo Kyobashi there is the Ainu Cultural Center. I went to Nibutani, helped Mr. Kayano, graduation work of Nibutani for over 6 months, and also tried to judge each person, opened a gallery for Ainu in my hometown Kyobashi, and the Curutural center is nearby, I feel like Ainu people are realatives.Even though it was severe discrimination ,do not forget that there are also “chamos and sisamu” like me.


『The Ainu tools’s actual instruments drawing collection』 was published. Mr. Tuguo Aizawa and Musashino Art University Study Group on Lifestyle and Culture. It is a collection of drawings required for receiving Kayano ‘s 『Ainu tools』 as folk implements and national tangible folk cultural properties. Ainu research on material culture will advance.


Club Tourism International Inc relaxes in Nibutani and carries out a tour of 4 nights 5 days. The parent company of the club tourism is the Kinki Nippon Tourist, and the research institute of for tourists was the Japan Tourism and Culture Research Institute, which was the director of Prof.Tsuneichi Miyamoto. I used this personal network when I decided to make a tour. I am glad that it worked. The members of the Club tourism will be nice people. Sot he people of Nibutani should be friends. I want the travelers to enjoy the thoughtful Nibutani.


Nibutani is becoming popular Dealings with Fiat, Yamato Kimono, Umeda Hankyu Department Store.Shinjuku Isetan Department Store are beginning to sell Nibutani items.They are very busy now.『Golen Kamui』 is also on a popular series.Let’s create an outdoor art museum in Nibutani and open the International Art Festival. You can produce artists like Sunazawa Viki. We will spread the art of Nibutani to the world of art and make it internationally recognized. how about that? Crafts, design, planning and related industries will improve


What should I do with the Ainu in Tokyo? Think about the Ainu people in Tokyo. How can I improve their standard of living? Why don’t we make a company? It is a Tokyo office that plans and sells Ainu culture and things like Nibutani crafts.It’s a thought to have an office in the Kyobashi Sugiyama building! Will it become profitable?How to sell 1 million yen each month?It depends on the idea. Start spreading footwear throughout Tokyo Ainu, making arts and crafts and getting wages, designing, planning, producing, event, event of Hokkaido based in Tokyo Anything can be done. we will pass all of Ainu related things here. It will be a agency. If they do not have talent, let Keio students help them.


Could the company name be Ainu Moshiri Co., Ltd.? It is a culturelly created company. They can manage it in their culture.


Ainu people lead cultured nation Japan and world.