Congratulations    ノルウエーノーベル委員会より文化国家日本研究所はノーベル平和賞推薦団体に指定されました。



ノーベル平和賞電子ノミネートフォームへのアクセスが許可されました。 アクセスは、あなたが提供したすべての個人情報が正しいこと、およびあなたが指名する権利があるグループに属していることを条件に許可されます。 電子ノミネートフォームを使用すると、同じ努力で最大5人の候補者を指名できます。 ただし、ノーベル平和賞は3名以上の候補者と共有することはできません。この賞は、機関や組織にも授与される場合があります。

Congratulations You have been granted access to the Nobel Peace Prize electronic nomination form. Access is granted on the condition that all personal information you have provided is correct, and that you belong to a group entitled to make nominations. The electronic nomination form allows you to nominate up to five candidates for the same effort; however, please be aware that the Nobel Peace Prize cannot be shared by more than three nominated candidates. The Prize may also be awarded to institutions and organizations.

Nomination The nomination consists of three main parts:

  • the name of the candidate(s)
  • a brief justification for the nomination
  • a somewhat longer statement explaining why, in your opinion, the nominated person(s) and/or organization(s) deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

You are allowed to upload further documentation in pdf-format. Please do not use long file-names.

You may submit one nomination at a time. After submitting a nomination, you may log on again to submit another nomination.

Please note that the nomination deadline is 31 January at 12 midnight CET.

Protection of personal data The Norwegian Nobel Institute’s treatment of personal data is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By submitting a nomination, you will allow The Norwegian Nobel Institute, on behalf of The Norwegian Nobel Committee to store some of your personal data to verify your right to nominate. Your name, institutional affiliation, and your current position at said institution will be stored in our archives for historical purposes. Your name and e-mail address may be used during the year of the nomination to confirm the validity of the nomination, but not for any other purposes. Data in nominations deemed invalid will be deleted.

Confidentiality As the Committee does not itself announce the names of nominees, neither to the media nor to the candidates themselves, you are strongly encouraged not to divulge your nomination to any third party. Access to information about a given year’s candidates and nominators is not granted until 50 years have passed. This confidentiality rule applies for all Nobel Prizes.

Nomination account By following the attached link, you will be enabled to create an account to submit your nomination.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Kind regards, The Norwegian Nobel Institute